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Ace_Topspeed & Srshayan

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                  Carcyclopedia Work In Progress

       Grand Theft Auto IV Unlimited

Grand Theft Auto IV Unlimited v1.6.0.0 


McLaren P1 in GTA??????? 

Top Speed:395 km/h

0-60 MPH:2.7s 

0-100 MPH:4.7s 

0-124 MPH:6.6s 

0-186 MPH:15.2s 

0-200 MPH:18.9s

1/4 Mile:9.8s at 245 km/h

LaFerrari is not currently in GTA???????????

Top Speed:388 km/h

0-60 MPH:2.4s

0-100 MPH:4.7

0-124 MPH:6.9s

0-186 MPH:15.0s

0-200 MPH:17.9s

1/4 Mile:~9.6 at 252 km/h

Carcyclopedia WIP


Recommended CPU+Ram (See Below)

9500 GT - Very Low Settings 25 FPS 1GB DDR2 (OVERHEATED) TEXTURE BUG
GT 220 - Very Low Settings 25 FPS 1GB DDR2 (OVERHEATED) TEXTURE BUG
HD 6450 - Very Low Settings 24 FPS 2GB GDDR3 (OVERHEATED) TEXTURE BUG

HD 6450 - Meduim Settings 17 FPS 2GB GDDR3 (OVERHEATED) TEXTURE BUG
GT 420 - Low-Med Settings 25 FPS 1GB DDR3 TEXTURE BUG
GT 520 - Med-High Settings 25 FPS 1GB DDR3 MINIMAL TEXTURE BUG
GT 630 - Maximum Settings, High Resources 23 FPS 2GB GDDR3/ 26 FPS GDDR5 MINIMAL TEXTURE BUG
GT 640 - Maximum Settings, High Resources 30 FPS 2GB GDDR5
HD 6670 - Medium Settings 43 FPS
HD 6670 - High Settings 32 FPS MINIMAL TEXTURE BUG
HD 6790 - Maxed Out 32 FPS 2GB GDDR5

HD 7970 - Maxed Out 55 FPS 3GB GDDR5

Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1/Seven

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ/AMD Althon X2 2.6 GHZ

Ram 2.25 GB

Video Card Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT DDR2 /ATI Radeon HD 4650 DDR2 (512 MB)

Free Disk Space 16 GB Framework 4.0(included)

Recommended System Requirements

Windows Seven

CPU Intel Core i3/AMD Phenom X4

Ram 3.0 GB

Video Card Nvidia Geforce GTX 660ti/ATI Radeon HD 7870 

Free Disk Space 18 GB


Full Update Part [WIP]


New City-Car System

New Weapon System

New L.C.H.R


Update Patch v1.0.3.0 [NEW]


Liberty City Hard Rock Station on Independence FM

One Character, All Hitman and Gangster's Clothes

List of Added Weapons That can be found throughout the city, by pressing J to find them:

Click here to see the Weapon List

New Maps Are Available:

*2 Mountains are turned into new maps and the seashore of the far island is usable*

Laguna Seca - Beachgate

Dakota Speedway - Acter Industrial Park

Battleship Yamato - Acter Industrial Park

Time Square Zepellins (2)

Liberty City Baloons(3)

Wind Farm Island

Mclaren F1 Handling Improved

Police Lamborghini Reventon IDE Fixed


Update Patch v1.0.1.7


-New Fighting Techniques(Spinning Punch,Thrust kick,Uppercut,Leg Sweep & ...)
-Neck dart stealth kill (when Near Press T)
-Throw your knife(Pick a knife, Aim and Press R)
-Tap G for a Heavy throwing kick
-Press E to roll on the ground
-(With a rifle)Press T to Slide on the ground only while running
-Jump (while Standing) and press E during the jump to perform a steady Backflip
-Tap E Many times directly after you raise your attitude in a jump to perform a Frontflip
-Press / To Dance
-Press . For Positive Gestures
-Press , For Negative Gestures


Update Patch v1.0.1.6 [Update is fully packed with the new version]


Change log v1.016:

The new rework in this patch is to Re-Edit the car accelerations of "B" class,and some others

All "B" Class Cars

Some "A" class cars

FBI car

All accelerations will be increased in the ones mentioned

Change log v1.01:

High Quality Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 (Credits to Smokey8808)

Fixed Bike Name Issues

Fixed Peykan Saloon GT that now only one of the doors will open at high speeds

New Police

Added Notoriety

Traffic Felonies(Ran lights, hitting people/cars/objects, high speeds, reckless driving)

Unacceptable social actions make the cops to ask you your identification card, and you are an illegal immigrant and you don't have one, so you have no chance and you must flee

Now seeing guns carried will start a pursuit

Added arrest warrant for a continuous pursuit(Note:Various Difficulties)

Added Realistic Weapon Weight

Baseball bat stores in a large bag

Pistol stores in your pockets

Micro SMG Stores in Back pack-With Ammo Carriage

Shotgun Stores in a large Bag-With Ammo Carriage

Assault Rifle Stores in Large Bag

Sniper Rifle Stored in Niko's Back-Ammo Stored in pockets

Molotovs Stored in backpack

Knife Stores In your Pockets

Large Pistol Stores in Pockets

SMG Stores in backpack

Automatic shotgun stores in a Large bag

Carbine Rifle Stores in a large bag

Carbine Sniper Stores in Niko's Back-Ammo Stored In Pockets

RPG Stored in a large backpack and slows down Niko

Grenades Stored in backpack

All Carrying Weapons Based on their weight and ammo Slows Down Niko's Running Speed

Also Adrenaline added to run faster just for a few seconds

Pay attention that you must first download and install the Update Base, then the following Secondary Updates

Supported Bands


Supported Band

Vultures - 8.8 stars

Matt Tuck
Liam Courmier
Joe Cupcut
Mike Kingswood
Jason Bowld


Supported Band

Wretched And Divine

Andy Six

Ashley Purdy


Jake Pitts

Christian Coma


Supported Band

Venom 9.0 stars

Matt Tuck
Michael Paget
Michael Moose
Jamie Mathias  
Jason James on No.15
Supported Band

Temper Temper - 6.9

Matt Tuck
Michael Paget
Michael Moose 
Jason James


Supported Band

Fever - 8.4 stars

Matt Tuck
Michael Paget
Michael Moose
Jason James 


Supported Band

Scream Aim Fire 

9.0 stars

Matt Tuck
Michael Paget
Michael Moose
Jason James 


Supported Band

The Poison 

9.5 stars

Matt Tuck
Michael Paget
Michael Moose  
Jason James