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Ace_Topspeed & Srshayan

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Ramtin Shaeri



Ace_Topspeed & Srshayan

Started from 2008, masters of car handlings are back on games.The Game contains about 180 cars that the time spent on the handlings are +3000 hours you may not belive but yes it is true in these four years of experience, even with the disasters happened for Ace.Having Ace 50% disabled and Mentally unable to think was very hard to continue our work but now thanks to everyone who joins us for our new Great Project.We all Respect R* Games for their awesome GTA IV and we just edited the game for more reality and that makes a lot lot more difference....we all want to have a GTA with real cars from scratch and without paying 500 dollars for a graphics card in order to play the game, so we are working on a new project which will be announced what it is after our last GTA IV UNLIMITED release.Thanks for Joining us, tribute to BFMV and Axewound , also selena gomez & JB!