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GTA IVU Installation Problems

  1. A Black DOS screen and "binkw32.dll not found Error"

    The Game should be completlely reinstalled because the patches are not installed time Do excactly what the manual sais to make a fresh install of the game

  2. Xlive.dll missing

    The DVD-4 foler copying part is currupted, make sure to copy it and replace it completely or re install the game and do it more carefully.

  3. mscvr100.dll missing framework or vcredist_x86 are not istalled correctly, re install them.

  4. GTA IV Fatal eror : ZLIB20

    Low memory resources.(Ram under 2.0GB or CPU under Core 2 Duo)

  5. Very Slow Gameplay with low FPS

    Low resources or very high optimized settings, we recommend you to use as low as possible.

    Low FPS with low Settings is your CPU problem, use at least core 2 duo, and a Core i3 works well too!

  6. Danger of Overheated CPU or Graphic cards

    Graphic cards under 8500 GT 512 MB

    CPU Under Dual Core ( Single Core CPUs like Pentium IIII)

    Users with Low recources, PROCEED WITH CAUTION

  7. Bluescreen Error "Dumping Memory"

    Low resources(Mostly Ram) or a hard disk with ba sectors that should be fixed.

  8. Game Very slow or out of video memory

    Low resources:

    Mostly your Graphic Card is affected

    Use Graphic Cards of at least 9 Series 512MB Nvidia or Ati Equivalent, 8 series Nvidia or Equivalent will be 80% overheated during the play.

    After your graphic card, youe CPU takes the pressure, also make sure of at least 3GB of ram

    And try usin NVIDIA Geforce instead of ATI for less overheating and faster gameplay. if yo want to use e.g. Ati Radeon HD 6450 2gb, Use XFX , POV or other POPULAR brands, do not use Sapphire, it will be overheated!

  9. Textures/buildings/ground, ect. missing ... ?

    This is a very common question and happens for almost everyone who uses this product, depended on:


    Graphics Card


    CPU's under 4 cores should have this problem

    Based on your graphic card and your game settings, the bug appears its best to let the "Auto Configure" say what to do except for the vehicle density which should be set to 9 for "realtraffic.asi"

    Recommended Graphics Hardware are:

    Nvidia Geforce 560ti or higher (GDDR5)

    ATI Radeon HD 6870 or higher (GDDR5)

    Entry level GPU's NOT  Supported!

    Ram: Do not Play unless 2.5 GB or more of Ram

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