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   Bullet for My Valentine
            The Poison


Bullet for My Valentine offered a phenomenal debut album, as Melodic metalcore and almost striking to an untouchable reputation

before we go to the track by track discussion, lets face with the albums theme, the poison, its mostly about broken love and betrayal, showing them to the world and how bad they are in an amazing manner.


An excellent intro, n words to say, as it hits a demolishing melody with guitar in near the end of the small track.10.

2.Her Voice Resides

The album starts with an overly aggressive intro of a track, starting with small thrashy elements, going through a melodic metalcore style,the screams, the chorus and all comes with an excellent solo, goes for a remarkable score.9.8/10, a little close to ten?the chorus starts to rip through your mind a little bit, but its good also features a black and white theme.

3.4 Words (To Choke Upon)

dark, pink theme, enters with a solo, a metalcore, with bad mood melodies.the main solo is in a bad mood too.but the chorus sounds really awesome and has some brutal explanations for the bad mood.10/10.

4.Tears Don't Fall

Bullets most famous track, it certainly doesn't lack anything.Words cant describe this song's awesomeness, the edgy riffs and excellent vocals.The light blue, affected with light grey-white theme, brings a punching sadness which makes you a little agitated after the song, is what fans may encounter after over listening to it, and after a decade, the song seems to lack maturity.but who cares.10/10.

5. Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do)

One of the most mind blowing tracks Bullet has ever released, Dark Blue-Violet theme comes with melodic riffs blowing your mind away until the solo to eat your soul away, gotta say I'm not tired of listening to it after a decade, even though it sounds extremely immature, I would rate it over 10 if i could.

6.Hit the floor

This one drops a big heap of excitement from its past ones, with the light yellow-pink theme and still good lyrics.Its a good sing along song but at the woah-ohs, makes you feel rises back with a change in octaves, that gives you the hype you need and saves it from but not perfect.8.6/10.

7. All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)

One of bullet's best tracks, the track is just much more than amazing.over 10 if I could, emotional, heavy and melodic, with pure mind blowing vocals hard to cover.

8.Room 409

A scream-filled track, screams of betrayal and hatred.the sound is amazing, just the distortions of the black-purple themed song makes it a bit immature.9/10.

9.The Poison

And also another amazing song, amazingly melodic, much amusement but a little hard-edged to listen.still there is a poisonous feel inside.9.5/10.

10.10 Years Today

Riffs and melody determines the 3/4th of the score of this song, this one is very depressing.7/10.There is a theme of grey-nihilistic feel, often mixed with light blue here

11.Cries in Vain

Brilliant dark green themed song, opens amazing, at the solo, it begins to get a bit cheesy, but its okay.10/10

12.Spit You Out

Amazing, follow ups by follow ups, the song's yellow-orange theme keeps at its best, although some may prefer Track no.4 and the similar ones, 10/10.

13.Hand of Blood

Another one of bullet's at it's best sound.probably the best sounding song , an orange-yellow themed, often with red certainly lacks anything as well.I do an over 10 for this either.

14.The End

Another sound of hopelessness, mixed with nihilistic grey-white-black and light portrays an excellent sound for its purpose, but its not an everyday listen.9/10.

Bullet's Brilliance at its simple definition

  Bullet for My Valentine
        Scream Aim Fire


Thrash Metal into my Veins

It seems bullet lost it sound a little bit over the previous record, but that's Mostly Because Matt's illness over that period of time

1.Scream Aim Fire

An amazing sound in thrash metal, amazing elements only bad sounding characteristics make it hard for everyday listen.9.2/10.(yellow theme)

2.Eye of The Storm

Another amazing thrashier metal, but very aggressive sound and moderate blue-purple mixed with a grey background, can represent a real storm, but not another every day listen pick.8.9/10

3.Hearts Burst Into Fire

Black and white themed, song about love, its really amazing but it lacks a sight sense of adrenalized power seen on the previous tracks,still can be considered as a happy one.9.5/10

4.Waking The Demon

Their Best track of the pack.Total back theme with shards of violet and dark blue.10/10.


(sublime to black theme mixed with yellow elements)

Legendary track discussing a brutal fight.10/10.

6.Deliver us from Evil

Good one, but doesn't entirely fit in the pack after its 3/4th.(yellow-sublime feel)8.5/10

7.Take It Out on Me

Another Amazing one, one of their best, clashing with Benji gave the song a different taste and the solo is also amazing,just a slight sense of frustration, shown in bridges, with the dark trashy green and slightly blue theme with a gray background.9.5/10

8.Say Goodnight

A nice track, not perfect but nice, with a grey white theme slightly mixed with yellow.8.5/10

9.End of Days

Shards of agitation mixed with nihilistic thoughts, a Brown Theme for this song.I'm amazed at how its performed and its mind-blowing theme.but the sound is weirdly pointing at the drunken moments.8.8/10

10.Last To Know

Violet-to-Black Theme,aggressive sound, but same its too far from everyday listen and sounds a bit alien :D.but it represents fights as well.8.8/10.

11.Forever and Always

A happy fan-tribute song, but doesn't fit the sound of other tracks, No.3 was good at its happier-mood, but this is a little bit stray away.7.5/10

The Album Generally Delivers a Bad sound, usually the feel after lots of adrenaline, but it somewhat drags too far in the sound.the aggression is acceptable anyway.

   Bullet for My Valentine


The record we're about to discuss is a record that comes with amazing harmony.fixing the sound issues on the previous one, but some drops are seen

1.Your Betrayal

Its a new type of track, but it lack's a little spice in sound, spides of red and blue in a background of pure black.9.0/10


Good one, a different approach to singing style, but generally acceptable sound.8/10

3.The Last Fight

Very Meaningful, and delightful song, but lacking the spice in order nnot to get the listener bored.8.7/10

4.A Place Where You Belong

The Ballad is one of those depressing sounds bullet drags with it in every album, this time harming the record's sound harder.4/10(saturated song, a bit on the nerve)

5.Pleasure and Pain

9.8 goes for this one, although it has a bad name.Don'y judge a book by its title.(ink themed with smokes of black)


The Best one of them.10/10. doesn't lack anything with its dark green theme with a black background.

7. Breaking Out, Breaking Down

amazing theme of white, metallic silver and slices of dark blue-black.the sound is really enjoys the listener.and the small solo, is brilliant.9.8/10.

8.Bittersweet Memories

Excellent in meaning, mediocre in sound.8.1/10.(dark blue-black theme, ofter gets lighter)


A great intro, but messed up the chorus.7.4/10(yellow-black theme)

10.Begging for Mercy

Powerful, but a little too bloody for the listener 9.1/10.

11.Pretty on The Outside

Still another meaningful one, so many meaningful songs lacking the spice to refresh the listener.8.4/10

Lyrics at their best, sound at their mediocrity, with spikes of amusement as I said before

Still the songs in the album are at their best in their co-operation, leaving the album a strong foundation.

   Bullet for My Valentine 
         Temper Temper



I'm asking myself why this album came out with this strange name, I thought it had relations with Fev"er" as Temp"er" does(lol)!All they were talking about back at 2010 were that the next album will be much like Fever, Fever was their peak, it was all over the music stores ect. ,even they had some songs removed from it, and they said that they will put them in the next album, but ... things changed.

BFMV were exposed to substance abuse 2 years prior to the release of Temper Temper and that was the reason of the strange name, strange cover, strange album and strange soundchange.

At 2010 Criticism by fans were the most reason to the Harmful abuse that nearly destroyed Bullet for My Valentine.Matt is a "Logical" person, with Humility that reads fans comments, pays attention to them, accept their words but haters make his heart ripped apart.Fever sounded excellent, and We dont know why some fans said its too far from the poison and websites like The Guardian criticized the album with bad lyrics, having your parents worry about your ears, high sexual content and other such gibberish.No band repeats the same album after 5 years, new things must come, why some fans and organizations "DIDN'T" accept fever and could have stopped this exposure.

This album represent the anger came from the exposure, it follows no previous rules or principles, its just Physical "mind-made" with no feelings of music yet just anger comes out of deep thinking on the lyrics and Slow-Lazy Heavy Riffs, its like an angry person screaming from the bottom of his soul to show everyone how much is hurt inside."Yes" is the right answer for Matthew Tuck, an honorable talented musician that was disrespected by both law and fans.In this friendly report (or for the ones who know this with another name, a Critic)we are going to give him some points of course.This album is the hardest of all time to play, the heaviest of all time to listen and the strongest bullet's rhythmical can't play its songs as easy as you play ther old covers, even playing their notes with piano is too difficult...the bands washed up, but HAD NOT LOST ITS TALENT AT ALL AND IT NEVER WILL. 

As well as being a Musician, Matt knows Abundant tricks to play with minds and conrtrol them, these are the rules obeyed by him Which I will explain In the following sentences:(Chosen song for Comparison "Hand of Blood")

Back in 2005, Playing NFS: Most Wanted after an hour and hearing such a brilliant song, "Hand of Blood" Mid-Melodic Metalcore, Unique with no signs of Medoicrity, having the song viewd in every music channel 10 times a day, having fun bangin' our heads, Volume to the max and....

#1:Intense Start. e.g.:The Poison Album

#2:Carrying the intense start: "OW" matt shouts like a wolf in Hand of Blood, making us do this part evrywhere even in public areas for a hobbie and following the song with a hard tempo to the base vocals(Heavily influenced in The Poison Album, partially discontinued after Fever, a bit on Temper Temper)

#3:Intense Start Vocals:"There goes my valentine again soaked red under what she said and now she's GONE" Violent sound tone change from under-low voice tone to a strong-High tone Voice and screams(partially discontinued on SAF and Fever, a bit on TT, specially Not Invincible that obeyed all the rules of Bullet)

Result: Dragging the song from Mediocrity, Keeping the start alive

#4:Mind Feeding,Arousal Killing,Repetative Rhythm:"I dont feel my heart is breaking" at this part the rhythm behind had made our minds addicted to it, or the part as "Is what I've done too much to take or are you scared of being nothing"(Countinued Until SAF, Partially on Fever, Rare on TT)

#5:Explosive Riff before Solo(often):This song does not contain a public solo, but it has a mixture of riff and solo that is the heart pounding and mind blowing part especially the part that rhythm guitar is played for the solo theme(Heavily on The Poison, Less on SAF, More on Fever and a bit on TT)

Result:Dragging the song "Out of" Mediocrity, Making the song attractive to be listened for the next hundred times

Main Vocal Result:Making our mind hungry to His Voice

Main Rhythmical Result:Having fun with Hyper-Melodic Riffs all over the songs

Overally Bullet's previous songs did not have much rules for the endings that currently in TT it has a new  style, better endings than before 

The Above Rules were much rarer in Temper Temper as you can all feel, just songs like leech with no kind of discipline.Just words came out of mind and took a few days to put some lazy riffs and long solos and name it a track, thats the new rule for the most of the new tracks.

Now lets follow track-by-track:

1.Breaking Point:Some say strong, some say weak, some love it some hate it, in average its a "Great" song, strong vocals as it has never been like this before, no matter there is no scream in the main chorus, but its a strong song with the weakness of a nerve punishing main riff, it could have been a lot easier with a better melody, it just could have made it a bit harder to perform the track but it was worth it.

2:Truth Hurts:Very Strong Rhythmically but lyricaly is focused on Substance Issues and the chorus is really weak in its vocal type, the main weakness

3.Temper Temper:Fresh and energetic,a very very very hard song to play, at the beginnig up till the awful breakdown which could have been replaced by a Mind Blowing Riff as Bullets old songs and old rules, it could have made it the album's best track

4.P.O.W.:This is an absolutely excellet song, no matter which rules followed or not, its very good for itself, one of the best ones or we can say the best one in the main 11 tracks

5.Dirty Little Secret:Very Hard Rhythm and melody to perform, but with no order and discipline, just the vocal part before the chorus is divided to 3 main parts which the theme and tone is not related to each other...but at 3:30, the mind blowing riff is back, and better than ever, that HIGLIGHTS the song from the album

6.Leech:No main order, good melody, good rhythm, nasty lyrics(as Matt said himself), and  a weak riff at the near end

7.Dead To The World:Brilliant Collaboration, but weak in sounding strong, only listening it from 3:10 is acceptable with an excellent riff and solo combined with and its ending lyrics are Out of Bounds   

8.Riot:So Simple Song, Lazy Riff, but a cool song, overally not acceptable because of being short and lyrically much different from the Base of BFMV lyrics,and I have to say, This song makes the building blow out in the live performances, see their shows

9.Saints and Sinners:Whats the meaning of this one, saints and sinners should fight with each other because in the end we are all going to the same place,I dont get matt's meaning on that so lyrically its extremely weak, in rythm not much but it could have been replaced by such a better influence, makes the album lyrically sound weaker but one of the songs which rock in live performances

10.Tears Dont Fall (Part 2):Its not weak, but its not good for a sequel to such an excellent song.It Begins Awesome, but it begins to go down, at "You are pouring salt into my wounds" which begins to get weaker and weaker and the chorus is not as well as its main song, only the long solo is the good thing inside.It could have much more energy and obeyed half of the rules of the Main Tears Dont Fall, but Rhythmically its too heavy, single rhythms are now triple on every section of it, this means extreme heaviness hidden behind its mediocre sound

11.Livin' Life (On The Edge of A Knife):Brilliant name but the song isnt as brilliant ans it seems, good but very bitter and gives us a bad mood despite its good rhythm, and because its yet the HEAVIEST song from Bullet For My Valentine, soo heavy riffs that makes my abs feel jittery and my muscles jerking off and my brain getting nervous and dizzy....what a mess,,,!

12.Not Invincible:BOOOOOOM, the best song of this record, goes along with BFMV's best tracks, no words for it, its yet the strongest track of the Release

15.Playing With Fire:Good in rhythm, average melody, average lyrics, but the mood is not good, but its one of the best tracks of the album, much better than Leech & Saint and Sinners.

There are new  rules for this album, melodies are now +triple strings played which makes it at least 3 times heavier, ear raping repetative riffs are more likely to be seen in all tracks except 2-3-4, and it all comes from this Live friendly riot riff, which matt both loves it and hates it.Love:BOOOOM BOOOM live-Hate:oh  my head ... Im drunk, there is beer everywhere, on my clothes....

BFMV is a Great band, each of them are professionals for themselves, just the exposure has made them Moderately unbiased, they have talents, Matt's song writing is coming back and has proven us with the Deluxe tracks, do not discourage BFMV, they will read your comments and that's how they are going to feel about it, unhappy and angry.Any way this album is, lets try not to hate it and accept the good parts of it and lot canceling our tickets for the live shows, go on an co-operate with them, they have worked hard on each track as they set a track by track commentary, which band does these things for its fans?They are paying us more respect and we should do either, whatever the songs are, Not Invincible is excellent, listening it a million times only reminds us at the good ol BFMV.Have sympathy and don't discourage Matt Tuck.-Ace,

From myself, Thank you Matt , Thank you Padge, Thank you Moos and Thank you Jay for your awesome talent, keep on improving your band, Good Luck

           Sin And Bones


What I can tell you about this album is:

it begins with an excellent sounding song,Spider In My Mouth, no matter how it starts or how the melody is, the collaboration is excellent.

Sandpaper is a moderate looking but a fun song to listen, and Jericho's whiny vocals combined with M.Shadows Strong vocals is a good Idea

Blood Happens is  Overally good, but the Screaming Part"BLOOD HAPPENS" should have been improved

Inside My Head is Overally good, no words to say

Sin And Bones, Strong Rhythm, Weak Chorus, Jericho's Vocals going too far of what it needs to be

A Passed Life, Nice ballad and a resting time after the previous heavy song

She's my addiction, fun  song, but not completlely excellet , good and acceptable

Shine Forever reminds me of Old Metallica songs and a Heavy Metal with traditional rhythm, excellent collaboration

Dark Passenger, Nice song, but Looks a copy of Metallica

Storm The Beaches, Brilliant Millitary Song, and nice soundchange in the middle of the song and again reverting back to the previous chorus, Brilliant

The Two bonus tracks are moderately well but not the best ones but well

The three best tracks are number 1-2 (In Order) and number 10 is a special one just too long that goes in another order not to be compared with normal songs

Thanks FOZZY! Good Luck 

  Bullet for My Valentine

                                             Standard Edition

                                          Final Rating:9.0/10

I didn't want to start this review by a handful of questions, but I figured out I have no choice

   "What is the Venom the album talks about a whole 41 minute journey about?"

Lets get started, I will explain it sequence by sequence as we move forward through the songs.Bullet's previous record, resembled an angry, bloodshot-red feeling almost flowing in all the songs, with darker or lighter theme, that used to give fans an unpleasant feel of rage and a voice, encouraging them to let the thunder out.But this didn't work quite well, did it?

But what happens when all the thunder and rage has downgraded and melted down to the soil?There comes pain,regret, and remorse.

How long can you take it?How much more time left for your adrenals to work before a dysfunction?Before career loss and desperate efforts to win back the integrity?Will the strike against Depression lead to a success or it must be dealt with ease and time to treat, like Paranoia?

Well, as seen in "The Last Fight" five years ago, the person you are fighting with is not your enemy,and its how are you going to fight yourself?and if you kill the opponent, will your heart still pound and celebrate the victory?

Then there will be answers to all those reviewers, Down-Rating the album, because of their personal feelings, or , maybe some other things(should I name or...), mistranslated into not being heavy as they promised?The heaviness comes moderately with the rhythm, and high on some songs, but it depletes into a much heavier emotional punch, that in some parts brings back the sights of anger, or stuff you shouldn't have done, or learning from your mistakes-Something extremely difficult for a narcissist but enraging his guilt- as seen further in the lyrics.

and before discussing the tracks one by one, this album seemed and looked to be a thrashy monster, but its subdued into the same old "Melodic Metalcore", a genre that as of 2015 is considered EMO or childish, or a Deathcore type far from bullet closer to ABR.So its Absolutely Difficult to write with the Poise and the Elegance this album brings.The two words that could be someone's primary needs, someone who could't manage his hormonal difficulties, someone who has seemingly turned into a monster, with raw aggression, immobilizing the surroundings with his repelling force.


Starts with a wind-like noise, probably in a swampy place, maybe near a cave, with the growl of an unimaginable beast, transferred into the rabid thoughts of a male, in early adulthood-10/10

2.No Way Out

A blasting intro, and Obliterating chorus, and mind blowing mini solo, followed by another form of drum rhythm, slowed down to fit its more metalcore parts and seems the temper has subsided during the few light blue-green themed minutes.Anyway cheesy lyrics, but as Matt said its not the best lyrics in the world anyway-10 goes for this one.

3.Army of Noise

The song that has drifted towards thrash metal a bit more than the previous one,with nice low pitch chorus and energetic,black and venomous themed song.10/10.


We are entering the territory of the Edgier songs of the album, this starts with a Blasting low tempo black-white-yellow theme sound with excellent dark melodies, elevating into more beautiful shards as the song advances.The lyrics mainly shows the noncompliance of a Female with his boyfriend, possibly someone who makes intentional mistakes for more fun and has ran out of apologies.This brilliant piece of tracks, brings us the more mature "The Poison" sound, and its a good remembrance for us to pay more attention to our personal relationships.10- nailed it. 

5.You Want a Battle? (Here's a War)

An anthemic ballad started with fans singing along, with the chorus, the song starts with venomous spikes of anger, followed by a very mellow vocal verse, increasing the raw aggression in the bridge, and then the chorus that seems there is a rage from old  wounds of bullying, but the singer has mended the wound and now its nothing that important to focus on.10/10.slight red theme?


From the most exciting songs ever heard from bullet, goes in line with, Hand of Blood, Tears Don't Fall, Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow, All These things I hate and a few more.Melodic Metalcore has been once again shown to the world that its more than an apple's core which everyone hates to eat, when influenced by the Touch of Bullet.The Amazing song of desperation, which energy flows in by listening to its solid-blue theme of harmony, giving you hope for similar situations or even daily life.with the most amazing solo Michael ever kicked in, goes in contenders for the best songs made by bullet.if there was a score over 10, i would rate it somewhere near 12.the reason for this is all those songs mentioned above, sounded amazing, but the mature influence on this song doesn't give us the feel to be reluctant to play it in front of a couple of your friends which are not or are not yet a fan of the band

As I said , while we advance through the songs, I will reveal more info on that and the sound's formation over the halfway through the album


The strongest Punch, a Melodic Metalcore, Mixed with elements of hard rock and heavy metal.Commencing with a slight, beautiful melody of tranquility, infected with a bit of side effects from a disease or an infection that is about to leave.This further continues by harmonized vocals of Matt, informing us of an unknown creature or influence or instinct, that is guilty of the alliance with it and obeying its orders.It's definately not about a bormal breakup bullsh*t,Its about controlling relationships or BDSM types or any one-sided act, that the sibmissive is a victim.

whoever the sufferer is refusing its venom, previewed with Matt's beautiful vocals through a greenish themed sound, shows he/she had enjoyed it before the the song's plot.

Like i said above, a lot of assumptions may be made on the true inner meaning, maybe its at the heat of a fight that later subsides...

There are also links to the growls seen on song No.1, the Growl, seems to be a beware sign of the venom's source(any creature?????), that is alive, till its killed by the energy and the force of previous song, Broken, when the sufferer won its battle with it(any way he/she could, lethal or tactical-after a long time-)

even the complaints on track No.4 could be the girlfriend of the sufferer???or maybe the sufferer was a man on steroids as seen on song No.3, disturbed his hormonal levels to reach full potency for muscle building, therefore fucked his brain up?who knows :DDD

The main venom's source is in my head, I wont tell you what it is untill the near ends of this review.... :P

anyway the album from here there is a sound change and the force and the energy was before is somewhat gone or the battle's main commanders have been eliminated, then remains some smaller campaign acts...should I rate it over 10????if i could I would, there is no reason I wouldn't!

8.The Harder The Heart (The Harder It Breaks)

Why its not released on The Poison??? does this belong here??looks like some elements have been directly included as the intro pounds in, just some new sort of melodic song, with a Light Green-White Theme, a Mellow, but Edgy and Ear Tearing song.Not forgetting its Double Bridge!!It also displays the couple's defensive attitude towards themselves as they seem to hold a grudge.the part near 3/4 of the song(where there is usually a solo) is slightly pinky and lovely.The vocals there are more like a loving path than hate and agony,then the song fades away with elements, directly from the poison.However there is a slight lack of connection between the riffs and the lyrics, as all the past songs had it-but it can be considered as a theme for desperation, so i feel good about it.9/10.Stranegly,there is a connection between this and the first track, cause at times you feel you are at the same swamp you were at track No.1.


Starts with a Mind-Blowing solo, mind blowing riffs, which are carefully rethought to give it the nailing feeling.The lyrics are scattered all over the Place,speaking their way through the riffs,which slightly bores the listener.With the Dark red, Blue and black siren-like Theme.the song is a filler one of the two fillers of the album.the extreme lack of discipline shows itself, as it was planned to be a thrash metal song with incomplete elements resembled to metalcore.5/10.its also a copycat of song number 11.

10.Hell or High Water

Another copycat from track no8.another full thrash expected with missplaced elements.5/10.


A Strong song, followed by a Blasting intro, and the song giving you shards or anger, adrenaline & sexual feelings, is a blasting song.its theme looks changing Very Dark Red and Purple in a Black Background.This song deserves a bit more than 10, but the strong theme makes it a little spiky for non fans or new guys, and the riffs and the sound could have gone with slightlybetter plans. But giving it 10/10.This Further Might represent the couple's ongoing also is a showcase of a girl giving up her virginity in order to fulfill her emotional needs.

Following the album down its last 4th tracks,there is a small decline in the way of sound in the past tracks, but there are new generations of songs for themselves anyway.

And at last...whats the venom?its "Depression" 's theme, that hurts like a venom.its not the poison of the decade ago refreshing.SO it could do some harm to listeners if the songs go heavier than that tempo, as I feel it, and as matt said we have our own boundaries and we cannot go out of that.that's why its not full-thrash and cautiously written to melodic metalcore.Its also A venom, you must inject it, not taken orally or olfactory or any other must go into it completely to feel its power.a record that pushes up to the poison with a more mature sound, and yet its infectious.

And, being heavy, by their means, is "Aggression".not "Tempo".

Aggression are the shards of punches thrown in a short amount of time

Tempo is the co-operation between the sound's elements

^Consider that, and not to be misunderstood, its their heaviest record by the means of aggression, and definitely their strongest record to date, but no, not their best.if they gave some tracks a little air to breathe or some second thoughts on track 9 and 10, that could easily go up for a 10 mark, but it seems the face of depression is nothing like any interval to breath and the brain to roam freely, its more of asphyxiation.

I could easily drag it up to a number in the higher side of the 9's mark if it was all up to my own head's tastes but as I insist on giving numbers as comprehensive, I digged the tracks up pretty good and saw they still have room for a better makeup to fill the gap in the near end. 

This hopefully fixes the flaws of the last record, completely and delivers a sound, competing with "The Poison" in tracks "No Way Out", "Broken", and "Venom", which gives general listeners wider choices in their best of bullet, and I INTENTIONALLY rate Venom, and Broken, above all the tracks on the poison, and No Way Out, battling for podiums and good titles-uh oh, what did I say? you will get my meaning in the near future when the songs made enough noise worldwide.

as the review finished, I just wanted to thank Bullet for writing such, masterpiece, With a different innovation of artistry, on applying the venom as colorful, meaning themes in different songs, that is definitely difficult to write.for those who rate it down, think if you can write something like this for a second, then you will see if things are that simple.while closing in through the end, there is a moderate sound change, and the songs begin to get technical, challenging and more may look unpleasant for some fans as its too far from a 5FDP american capitalist looking song to play and enjoy completely.anyways there are letdowns on tracks 9 and 10 being copy like might be a step for bullet to go fore more energetic songs like broken with a bit happier theme, since matt said even if venom sells a billion copies, we are not going to do that again at all.and mentioned their plans for songwriting is as much effort as they spent on venom or even more, as they plan to move for bigger records than venom.-Matt said respectively